A Meeting In The Art Building?

The Art Building

The 20th day of the Sharpened Scythe Moon.

Early Morning


Elros Aerandir, the elven prince of Venery, walked into the art building with a small bundle of supplies tucked neatly under his left arm, his blonde hair pulled up in a tight ponytail, with white ribbons braided and a slender silver circlet around his forehead. He wore pale green robes with gold trimming that all the Viridian Order wore when attending classes; he was silently thankful that his robe concealed the fact he was not wearing any shoes.

Elros allowed his sky blue eyes to focus on the paintings that covered the walls of the art building, distracting him from his path, causing him to bump into someone walking down the same hall. Art supplies scattering across the stone floor, he glanced up apologetically at whoever he had just bumped into-

“My deepest apologies,” Elros said, his tone almost musical and his elven accent sounding heavy to the foreigner. “I should have been more mindful,”

Rebuild stumbled from the impact, wings reflexively going out to his sides to rebalance and barely missing knocking several artworks off the wall. He looked down at Elros once he was recentered. Oh. Well, hello.

"You should: I could have taken out this whole hall. I don't think the artists would have appreciated that much." His voice all spine and privilege. Bil straighten his cravat and dusted off his pants as his heart slowed down and his wings relaxed before bending down to help pick up art supplies. "My name's Bil, by the way. Do you make it a habit of bumping into random people?" he gave the man a cheeky look, one eyebrow raised as he handed over a smudge stick.

Elros flushed up to the tips of his ears in embarrassment, leaning down to collect some of his supplies as well, taking the offered smudge stick and placing it back in his leather pouch.

“Once again, I apologize,” He said softly, still feeling somewhat flustered, “Bil, a pleasure,” The prince said with a smile, “I am Elros Aerandir, Crown Prince of Venery,” He said as he put a few more of his drawing pencils back into their proper place. “And no…I am usually more graceful than that, but the new scenery has me slightly overwhelmed; I have not been outside of Venery before,”

Bil carefully picked up more pencils, purposefully looking over them for breaks before handing them over gently, instead of watching the flush wash over Elros.

"Well, I have to admit: it isn't every day I get run over by a prince. I suppose I should be honored." His voice was a little softer, a little warmer. "Venery, huh? I imagine this is quite different, though I will admit I haven't been to your kingdom myself."

“It is at least by the sea,” Elros said, a smile drifting onto his pale lips, “I am not sure I would have been able to endure three years away from the ocean,” He said, having put away all of his scattered supplies,” He pushed himself up to standing, dusting himself off, “You are from the Empire, correct?”

"I am, yes." Bil straightened up, pushing his hair back in place, subtly rolling his shoulders back into as noble and impressive a position as he knew how to take without being too intimidating. "I was born and raised here. My sister even came to this school years ago." Bil lowered his voice conspiratorially "Hopefully the teachers don't remember that though." He grinned at Elros, eyes twinkling.

Elros chuckled, eyes glimmering with amusement.

“That bad?” He mused out loud, more teasing than truly prying, “I have heard some interesting things about the empire,” He said almost without thinking, then he cut himself off, “Most good,” He assured, though he was not sure how convincing the statement was.

"I wish: that good. Regret has always been the overachiever in our family when it comes to Nobility and political arts. I don't want the school to be too disappointed when they realize I much prefer" He theatrically gestured to the walls of the hallway "real art. Things you create…" Bil paused, smiling at Elros, feeling the joy of talking about art in this place. Considering asking about the Interesting Things. Wanting to hear everything about the world outside and what they thought of them. Worried about pushing Elros too far. He made Edmond seem like a tiger.

Elros flushed slightly when he had realized he had assumed the worst of the young nobles’ family; he hoped that mistake would go unremarked upon. “It is a challenge to aspire to something different, especial in families like ours,” He said with something of an understanding smile. “What form of the arts do you favor? I am something of a painter as well as a singer, but more formally, I am a druid,”

"Exactly so." Bil matched Elros' smile with his own. "A druid? Interesting." He sounded genuinely intrigued "Formally I'm a bard and all that implies: been singing all my life and I love the theatre in all its forms. I've never really been very involved in the visual, much as it pleases me to see it done well: more of a writer, myself, love the feel of a good phrase." Bil's feathers ruffled a little, a restrained, involuntarily version of a happy little shimmy "Painting though: what sort of things do you enjoy painting?"

Elros smiled slightly, "Mostly landscapes, at the moment things that remind me of home, but sometimes I do portraits.” He considered for a moment, shifting his weight slightly. “I would love to show you some of my work sometime, but in exchange, I will want to read or hear some of your art,” His smile flattered some when he heard the bell ring, “Ah- I should get to class, but it was lovely meeting you Bil, I would love to speak with you again, feel free to visit me at Viridian Order dormitory!~”

"… I have to go too, unfortunately. I have a meeting about my student job…" Bil pouted slightly, not wanting to leave "But, I am going to hold you to that trade! Next time I see you or get a chance to visit." Bil smiled, touching Elros' elbow slightly before stepping back to let him go to class.

Elros flushed slightly as the other man his elbow, but he offered him a rather warm smile. "Until next time, Bil!~" The elf said with a smile, and with his supplies once more tucked under his arm, he slipped down the hall towards his class.

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