Lord Thornwell's Finishing School For Young Nobles

High Nobility at Thornwell

While any noble with enough money can attend Lord Thornwell’s Finishing School, only high-ranking nobility have the privilege of being assigned one of the prestigious houses designed to both accommodate the young nobility and tailored to their more specific academic needs. The houses are divided by regions, and due to most of the regions only recently joining, most of the houses are relatively new. The Empire of Thrane has been sending their nobility to the finishing school for years, and thanks to this fact, they have been allowed to have two houses to accommodate their large high nobility population.

Listed below is the house for the elite nobility; each house only has a capacity of seven students:

Ivory Choir

Viridian Order

Onyx Guild

Azure Corps

Crimson Division / Halcyon Legion

More information on Lord Thornwell's Finishing School :

Campus Map

Crimson Division Dormitory

The Regent of Gossip

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