Elros Aerandir

A Non-Player Character within the Kingdoms of Avalon

Name Crown Prince Elros Aerandir Aliases
Gender Male
Birthdate 17th Day of Final Frost Moon Age 98
Height 5'11 Build Lithe
Eyes Light Blue Hair Blonde
Ancestry Elf, Woodland
Class Druid, Leaf Order
Crest The left half of the prince's face is covered in intricate golden lines of the royal crest of Venery; outside of the elves, nobody knows the crest's true name.
Parents King Handir & Queen Elbereth Aerandir of Venery Siblings
Marital Status Single Children
First Scene A meeting in the art building? Last Scene
Profile Prince Elros is the firstborn of the seven children of the elven queen and king and the first to attend Lord Thornwell's finishing school. Known for his unmatched musical talent among the elves and his wild, free-spirited side. Silently, his family hopes his time at the academy will settle the crown prince down some.
Elros Aerandir
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