Bennett Rose Farris

A Player Character within the Kingdoms of Avalon

Name Princess Bennett Rose Gennevotte Melisentia Farris Aliases
Status Active
Gender Female
Birthdate The 49th day of the Sleeping Under Snow Moon. Age 20
Height 5'9 Build slight
Eyes lilac Hair Brown with reddish highlights
Ancestry Human
Class Oracle
Parents Siblings Valerie Cosima Farris
Alexander Farris
Marital Status Single-Betrothed Children
First Scene None Last Scene
Profile Bennett is the third child of the rulers of the Iron Empire and is an oracle of the lore mystery.
She was seen relatively rarely while growing up, and when she was she always seemed to have extra attendants with her compared to her older siblings who were in line for the throne before her. she was always a slight and pale girl with big eyes that captured the attention of every person she talked to asking them for stories of the world outside the castle and kingdom. She could often be found at the parties she did attend in the corner with a book or speaking with her parents military leaders asking them for tales of adventure and anything else they could teach her.
going to Thornwell's school will be the first time she has spent extended time away from home in her life and she is excited for the experience but also nervous as she is set to meet her betrothed for the first time here.
Bennett Rose Farris
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