Rebuild 'Bil' Kii

A Player Character within the Kingdoms of Avalon

Name Rebuild 'Bil' Kii, baronet Aliases
Status Active
Gender Male
Birthdate 31st of The Gilded Sky Moon Age 20
Height 6 foot, 3 Build Lithe and lean with strong, wide shoulders
Eyes Solid black, like bird's eyes. Hair White with darker roots
Ancestry Songbird Strix
Class Bard, Maestro Muse
Crest Black lines starting at the base of the fingers of the right hand and swirling up his hand and onto his forearm like cracking glass. Hints of blue and green colour starting to seep from the lines near his wrist.
Parents Mother: Baroness Marielda Kii néé Trexel
Father: Baron Reginald Kii
Siblings Regret Twist néé Kii
Repent Kii
Remember Kii
Marital Status Unmarried Children Haha, no.
First Scene Last Scene
Profile Rebuild, who typically goes by Bil, is the third child of Baron and Baroness Kii. This is a position without a lot of… upward movement and Bil has mostly been left to chart his own course, for better or worse. He comes off as a little bit frivolous and is heavily involved in the theatre scene. It is uncertain exactly what is actually him vs what is facade or if there is a facade at all.
Most people you ask will tell you that they heard Bil was sent to the school to get him "on the right track" and make him "take things more seriously". Whether that is true or just their own judgement….
Rebuild 'Bil' Kii
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