Corentin Alagos

A Player Character within the Kingdoms of Avalon

Name Corentin Alagos, Viscount of Windwail Pass Aliases
Status Active
Gender Male
Birthdate 17th Day of First Blossom Moon Age 21
Height 6'3" Build Lithe
Eyes Blue, pupil-less Hair Black
Ancestry Fetchling Sylph
Class Mastermind Rogue
Crest TBD
Parents Nephele Alagos, Countess of Windwail Pass
Kyrist, consort to the Countess
Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Last Scene
Profile The only son of Countess Nephele Alagos and her Crest-Sworn Consort Kyrist, Corentin is a fixture in the Empire's upper social circles. He attends every party and knows everyone, and there isn't a bit of aristocracy gossip he hasn't heard. Those who get on his bad side, though they are few and far between, may later find themselves the subject of particularly vicious rumor.
Corentin Alagos
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