Edmond Hewes

A Player Character within the Kingdoms of Avalon

Name Baron Edmond Hewes Aliases
Status Active
Gender Male
Birthdate Age 24
Height 4'0" Build Thin
Eyes Soft pink Hair White
Ancestry Beastkin
Class Bard
Parents The Viscount Wolstan Hewes (father, wolf beastkin), Viscountess Mariel Hewes (mother, human) Siblings Isabel Hewes (23, jaguar), Stephana Hewes (23, jaguar), Solomon Hewes (20, owl), Florence Hewes (18, caribou), Gabriel Hewes (14, wolf)
Marital Status Single Children
First Scene Last Scene
Profile Edmond is the eldest child of six in the Hewes household. His harmless, rabbit-like appearance is at odds with the last two Viscounts Hewes, his sire being likened to a wolf and his grandsire a lion, so there is concern that he will not be taken seriously when he inherits. His siblings would agree and stand to benefit from his stepping down obviously, but the next eldest are twins Isabel and Stephana and would present greater challenges, so Edmond is largely left to inherit in certainty. Edmond plays into the idea of his innocuousness, relying on charm, wit and misdirection, but deep down would like more than anything to have been deemed mighty instead.
Edmond Hewes
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