Octavian Machelieu

A Player Character within the Kingdoms of Avalon

Name Octavian Machelieu Aliases Tavi
Status Active
Gender Male
Birthdate The 5th Day of the Gilded Sky Moon Age 19
Height 5'10" Build Lean
Eyes Warm Brown Hair Black
Ancestry Human (Versatile)
Class Inventor (Weapon Innovation, Alchemist Devotion)
Crest The Crest of the Magi marks the back of his right hand and down his wrist, copper-gleaming lines in arcane symbology. Rarely seen; he has a tendency to wear gloves.
Parents Viscount Nicholas Machelieu
Viscountess Audrey Machelieu
Siblings Theodoric Machelieu (second-born son)
Annabell Machelieu (youngest, first-born daughter)
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene The Arrival of the Crimson Division Last Scene
Profile The eldest child of family known for its magery, Octavian's embrace of technology is at odds with his kin; while they clearly hope that his time at the school will give him a grounding in tradition, his progressive ideas and fascinating with clockworks and steam technology show no signs of fading. Perhaps due to his family's disapproval, he tends to be a little standoffish with others at first, but beneath the surface is an enthusiastic and friendly young man eager to make new friends and connections with the other houses - and kingdoms.
Octavian Machelieu
portrayed by

"I don't believe we should abandon wizardry entirely, I merely believe that if we ignore technology - our house will fade from significance entirely. Cogs and gears and steam are here to stay, and we must adapt."

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