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In the World of Avalon, there are many kingdoms - from the glorious spires of Caelum to the stygian depths of Natant, from the shadowed lands of Ascian to the steam and gears of the Iron Empire, they present a dazzling mosaic of ideas, cultures, and nobility. Some of these are described below.

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The Sky Kingdom of Caelum

Ruler(s): Empyreal Lord Vikramaditya
Primary Ancestries: Celestials, aasimar, and aphorites predominate.

The Kingdom of Caelum was founded by Vikramaditya, the Empyreal Lord, who resided over just kings and honorable nobles. Some say that the Empyreal Lord was unwilling to put his kingdom on the earth due to the nearby kingdoms corrupt nobility being something he could not allow to infect his new shimmering kingdom. Mortals prefer the story that Vikramaditya wanted to look down on all the mortal rulers from his kingdom in the sky. Regardless of the truth, the kingdom of Caelum has hung in the sky for some thousand years now.

The people of Caelum are known to be rigid in nature, both following the strict laws of their kingdom, and often having strict personal moral codes.


The Kingdom of Venery

Ruler(s): King Handir & Queen Elbereth Aerandir
Primary Ancestries: Elves and all manner of fae adjacent ancestries are common. Goblins and orcs are found in some parts of the less inhabited areas.

While the rest of the world chased the new power of technology, the elves decided to remain true to their roots. Their rejection of technology lead the rest of the world to see them as primitive and slightly barbaric. But the essential resources and sea routes they hold make sure that they remain prominent players in the world economy still.

The people of Venery are often free spirits with love for nature and a gift for magic.


The Shadowlands of Ascian

Ruler(s): The Shadow Council of Ascian
Primary Ancestries: Fetchlings, dhampir, and tieflings predominate. Changelings are not uncommon.

Ascian quite literally resides in the shadow of The Sky Kingdom Caelum, causing it to grow closer to the shadow realm over these last thousand years.

A council of seven nobles rules the Shadowland; most of the council is made up of the tiefling descendants of the founders of Ascian. The rest is made up of the other dominant ancestries; there is a rumor that the tieflings are pushing to place one of their own in the position of King.


The Underwater Kingdom of Natant

Ruler(s): TBA
Primary Ancestries: Merfolk, azarketi, selkies, and other water-breathing ancestries predominate for obvious reasons.

The beautiful but xenophobic shapeshifters reside in the deepest parts of the sea. While most merfolk can shift into forms that can walk on land and breathe air until recently, it was a punishable offense to leave Natant and onto the surface. Due to a merfolk joining surface society being a possible security threat, the government would send a trusted group of soldiers to reclaim the lost citizen and return them for judgment; punishment could range to imprisonment or, in extreme circumstances, death.

Recently though, Natant has started to open up to the rest of the world. Part of this movement includes sending their younger nobility to Lord Thornwell’s finishing school to learn more about other cultures and get to know the other young nobility.

Some sailors claim that merfolk face a grave threat—a dark and sinister power capable of rendering even the most beautiful merfolk into a degenerate and mutated wretch. Such stories often end with claims that the merfolk, proud and noble as they seem, are unwitting puppets to some unknown entity lurking in the deepest depths of the seas. Merfolk themselves are characteristically tight-lipped about such claims.


The Iron Empire of Thrane

Ruler(s): TBA
Primary Ancestries: All; the Iron Empire's sprawling lands include many peoples.

The Iron Empire is not only one of the youngest kingdoms in the material plane, but also the largest; it excels in technological advancements and has outpaced the rest of the world by leaps and bounds. The Iron Empire is renowned for its cultural achievements in artifice, artistry, jewelry, music, philosophy, and oratory, along with its technological achievements.

The Empire’s culture values diversity, flexibility, and versatility in all areas of life, from skills to mindsets. They consider themselves to incorporate elements of culture from all over the material plane. Due to the standoffish nature of many of the other countries, The Iron Empire has struggled to build meaningful relationships with the other kingdoms, putting quite a bit of pressure on the young nobles, especially The Empire’s royalty, to marry up.

The Iron Empire is the homeland of the characters of the Current Campaign.

Noble Houses:

The Iron Empire
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