The Arrival Of The Crimson Division

The 19th Day of Sharpened Scythe Moon

Almost a week ago, the graduating students of Lord Thornwell’s finishing school boarded their ships home and left behind the island that had housed them for the past three years, prepared and anxious to start their lives. And like every year before, the staff had begun their week-long rush to prepare for the next round of students. There were rooms to be cleaned, kitchens to stock, and this year was more of a madhouse than ever before. This year they would be welcoming not two houses of high nobility but six, and that coupled with the added pressure to impress the foreign nobility left everyone in a busy haze. But as of today, there was officially no more time, the boats began to pour into the docks, and low ranking nobility looked around at the campus their parents had paid an uncomfortable amount of money to send them to for the next three years of their lives.

But the low nobility was not the focus of today’s festivities; no, the thing that had the staff truly abuzz was the large regal ships that had slowly started to sail into view.

Lady Thornwell grinned as she looked at her husband, anxious delight written in every line of her slender form. “It seems the first ship of high nobility is about to arrive in the hour,”

Lord Thornwell looked up from his desk; the crow that sat perched to the side also turned his attention to the woman in an almost eerie mimicry of his masters’ actions. “And what group has the honor of arriving first?” He mused, standing to join her on the balcony, the crow flying to rest on his left shoulder.

“It is one of the groups from Thran; I am unsure if it is the princess or the prince’s vessel,”

“Well, let us prepare to go down to the docks and see,”

Waves beat against the side of the great vessel from Thran, the kingdom’s royal banner billowing in the wind as they got ever closer to their destination. The captain looked out from his spyglass, seeing that shore would not be long now; he looked to his aide.

“Tell the brats to be ready; we are just an hour out now; I am not going to wait around while their servants pack their shit,” The captain grumbled, gods knew those kids brought enough cargo to survive several decades.

The young crewmate took off for the stairs leading for down below; he walked into the common room where tea was being served to the young noble passengers and coughed slightly to capture their attention.

“Pardon me, Lords and Ladies, but I was told to inform you we will be arriving at shore within the hour,” The man’s head bowed ever so slightly, reading of discomfort that he had been the one forced to speak with the young nobles.

"The update is appreciated, you are dismissed," Valerie responded with a warm smile, mercifully waving away the clearly uncomfortable sailor.

Turning to one of the attendants in the tearoom, she commanded, "Please go inform the butler to begin coordinating for our arrival, we won't want to waste any time once we land." She took a long sip from her teacup, finishing its contents, then set the fine porcelain to rest upside down upon its matching saucer. "I know I've said it before, but it's a mercy that you're in good enough health to attend alongside myself and Alexander this year," Valerie said, turning to Bennet. "I'll feel much more comfortable knowing that you have the two of us here with you should you need anything."

Bennett closed the book her nose had been buried in for the past few hours and smiled a soft but bright smile at her older sister.
"I am quite pleased to be able to attend with the two of you as well. it shall not feel quite so far from home with you beside me I should think" She said in a soft but firm voice affected clearly with the accents of nobility.

Bil took a long sip of tea, shifting his large blue/green wings into a more relaxed position, and smiled at the room as a whole from the chair he was… well, lounging in was the only word for it. From what the other passengers had seen from the trip over, it was starting to be highly probable that he didn't know how to sit any other way.

"So, a whole hour left! Is everyone excited? Trembling in our finery? I know the Princesses will probably get to choose first, but I am laying a claim right now to a room with windows. I'll make a little flag if I must." His voice wasn't terribly loud, but it carried like he was constantly on a stage and his manner was that of a merrymaker trying to rouse a crowd of people either a little too into their cups or not yet drinking.

Bennett smiled at him and said in her soft voice, "I am quite excited, can you imagine everything we shall get to learn here?" As she placed her book in the bag at her side she folded her hands properly in her lap

Bil's affectatious manner helped to ease Valerie's nerves about the coming events.

"I'm certainly looking forward to the next three years. It's a rare few who are afforded the privilege to attend Lord Thornwell's, so we had all best make the most of this opportunity, don't you all agree?" She gave a slight chuckle at Bil's excitement over a windowed room. "Feel free to have whichever room you wish, Bil. I'm electing to select my room last, so the living conditions of your kingdom's heir is in all of your hands. No pressure, of course!" she joked.

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